Released GPay Product

Part Number Description
4000-000 Emulator kit (original)
4003-001 MAYTAG PR kit
4003-002 MAYTAG PD KIT
4004-001 MDC/QTM coin kit
4004-002 MDC/QTM card kit
4004-101 ACA W/O PWR kit
4004-102 ACA 24V kit
4004-103 ACA Line-V kit
4016-001 LG kit (no support for coin)
4103-001 G-Pay Plus Maytag kit
4104-001 G-Pay Plus Alliance kit (ACA, MDC & Quantum)
4210-001 G-Pay Pulse - Encore/Wascomat

Corporate, Market and Product Planning

Resource Workload and Priority

Department Organization Structure


Program Status



Product & Development Pipeline

Program / Product Feature / Capability Backlog In Progress
gPay Classic
LG with coin (HW update) Alliance new firmware support
Maytag Stack support – Hercules
Maytag multi load & quicksilver
New LG
Non-Connected mode Admin mode User mode
Pulse Next machines
I/O board – voltage conversion
gPay Plus
ESD Reader support
MRD update, SAS update, Gantt creation
Firmware – Host reference research
Research – Android/Apple Pay API, NFC
gPay Network Box
Collection functionality Release “Monitor” mode
Remote control from GMS
Phone apps
Flashcash Circuit Update – still in re-quote phase
Washstation branding (Apple)
gPay Non-Connected support
Circuit re-branding Quote (Feb) InterTrade/Chile branding
Wash branding
Automatic Laundry branding
Hercules branding
Flashcash Reader
Adesto chip – wear leveling Alliance new firmware
Maytag multi load & quicksilver
New LG
Flashcash Network Box
Contact Reader
Alliance new firmware
Maytag multi load & quicksilver
New LG
Update Wash web site Update Hercules web site 12/10 @ midnight
Update Automatic Laundry web site privately & provide URL
Move residual customers to new web site
Credit Kiosk
Data Usage Reduction
Cash Kiosk
Add Spanish & Release ASAP
Vandal aware features and notification
Funding of gPay account with cash
Non-connected mode
Collection usage USB
Crypto updates from Global or Lantronix
GDPR / CCPA – User Data Web Portal Intertrade/Chile - Currency
Pinmate Admin
Audit log
Unified Report format /data structures gPay non-connected
Intertrade/Chile - Currency
Intertrade/Chile – gPay financial provider
Clearant: Paylink – gPay financial provider
PayPal – gPay financial provider
Alliance program - Digicoin
Alliance program - Mechanical / Drawings / Models

Requests From Customers

Priority Request Customer(s)
1 Wascomat Automatic Industries, Hercules
2 ADC Hercules
3 Dexter Store Market
4 Continental Store Market
5 Promote super cycle, support international phone #'s, 2 factor authentication, machine as master, phone app-offline mode, Facebook to setup account, reload amount as increment above minimum, domestics to housekeeping, repeat notification frequency selectable, reader alert, reduce cash kiosk openings Automatic Laundry - visit