Released GPay Product

Part Number Description
3000-033 Network Box Gpay US - Monitor Mode
3000-034 Network Box Gpay/FC US (S/W Pending)
4000-000 gPay Emulator kit (original)
4003-001 gPay MAYTAG PR kit
4003-002 gPay MAYTAG PD KIT
4004-001 gPay MDC/QTM coin kit
4004-002 gPay MDC/QTM card kit
4004-101 gPay ACA W/O PWR kit
4004-102 gPay ACA 24V kit
4004-103 gPay ACA Line-V kit
4016-001 gPay LG kit (no support for coin)
4103-001 gPay Plus Maytag kit
4104-001 gPay Plus Alliance kit (ACA, MDC & Quantum)
4104-002 gPay Plus (ACA for ESD)
4104-003 gPay Plus (MDC/Quantum for ESD)
4116-001 gPay Plus LG kit
4210-001 gPay Pulse - Encore/Wascomat
4310-001 gPay Plus Pulse - Encore/Wascomat - NOT RELEASED YET
*4404-001 gPay Plus (ACA for ESD)
*4404-002 gPay Plus (MDC/Quantum for ESD)
FlashCash Phone App Greenwald
FlashCash Phone App Circuit
FlashCash Phone App Update Circuit - Fifth Digital
FlashCash Phone App Quicklean
FlashCash Phone App Washstation
gPay Phone App Greenwald
gPay Phone App All Valley
gPay Phone App Wash - not in stores
gPay Phone App Hercules - not in stores
gPay Phone App Automatic Laundry - not in stores

Corporate, Market and Product Planning

Resource Workload and Priority

Department Organization Structure




Product & Development Pipeline

Program / Product Feature / Capability Backlog In Progress Release (RAGB)
gPay Classic
Add commands for factory reset, service mode & kill mode Dual coin support on 1510 board 7/10
Update on Test/Programming Fixture ACA 2020 false failure setup response 7/10
Maytag Stack primary/secondary device implementation
Non-Connected mode Admin mode User mode on 1510 board 7/24
gPay Plus
Maytag Stack primary/secondary device implementation Flashcash support - add machine emulation 7/10
Support for Retro board
Pulse Next machines
I/O board – voltage conversion
Validate Machine Feedback
Multi-Pay Q2
MRD update, SAS update, Gantt creation Hardware move all components to single side to save $12 assembly 7/10
Firmware – Host reference research
Research – Android/Apple Pay API, NFC
gPay Network Box
Setup and firmware updates Collection functionality 7/24
Remote control from GMS
Phone apps
gPay Wash branding GP_REL_3.0 [Non-Connected support-Android Lib reqd] 7/24
Automatic Laundry branding
Hercules branding GP_REL_4.0 [Circuit update - styling, FreedomPay, A/G Pay, Pay as you go for each, Push Notification] {JLA funded} 7/14 MVP available
FC + gPay App Unification {JLA quoted - postponed to Nov Budget}
Flashcash Reader
Maytag multi load & quicksilver (Finish paperwork)
New LG
Flashcash Network Box
Contact Reader
RMA - bad board Failure Analysis [Automatic Laundry] Ed C.
Credit Kiosk
Data Usage Reduction
Cash Kiosk
E-Reciept txt [Tel# only needed 1st time] Revisit cost in BOM
Funding of gPay account with cash
Add Spanish
Vandal aware features and notification
Smart Card Interface Tool (SCIT)
Add contact card collection capability
Crypto updates from Global or Lantronix Investigate latest notication for impact
Help via mouse hover gPay non-connected 7/24
Audit log
Pinmate Admin Re-write
GMS 3.0 Streamlined
Data Control Portal
Language support
EVO Canada – gPay financial provider gPay non-connected 7/24
Unified Report format /data structures Create SMS2 attributes in GMS - for contact reader collection
Move FC Attributes into gPay/GMS
Move FC customers into gPay/GMS
Stress Test integrated back end
LG Digicoin - coin not recognized [ Low voltage? Stack? *20 samples due 1st wk Mar from CoinSolve - Fix?] Alliance program - Digicoin HK 5
Alliance program - Mechanical / Drawings / Models

Requests From Customers

Priority Request Customer(s)
1 Wascomat Automatic Industries, Hercules
2 ADC Hercules
3 Dexter Store Market
4 Continental Store Market
5 Promote super cycle, support international phone #'s, 2 factor authentication, machine as master, phone app-offline mode, Facebook to setup account, reload amount as increment above minimum, domestics to housekeeping, repeat notification frequency selectable, reader alert, reduce cash kiosk openings Automatic Laundry - visit